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Monday, May 16, 2016

The 911 Comission's Classified 28 Pages: Protecting The Saudis? Or Bush's Lies For Iraq War?

The Congressional Joint Intelligence Committee launched its investigation into the 911 attacks in February 2002 and the final report was release in Dec 2002... that is all but 28 pages classified by Bush Junta.

The thinking has long focused that this section of the report was classified to protect Saudi Arabia. But what if Bush had another motive? And what if Obama does as well for keeping this report classified?

Late 2002 was a critical time for Bush's campaign for his illegal war of aggression against Iraq. The propaganda campaign against the American public had been intensified since the spring. Bush managed to get through Congress approval for a war if certain conditions were met. One condition was to get the approval of the UN Security Consul.

In December 2002 the US was at the UN trying to manipulate the UN Security Consul into approving new WMD inspectors for Iraq. But behind the scene Powell was pushing for language that would allow the US to invade Iraq on its own should Iraq be found in material breach of previous UN resolutions on WMDs. That ploy failed. In January 03 Colin Powell went to the UN to make the case for war. He never had much of a case and his dishonestly haunts him to this day.

And yet domestically the Bush Junta's systematic campaign of lies had worked. Back in 2002-03 about 70% of the US public believed invading Iraq was in retaliation for 911 and about 85% of the
GIs going to fight in Iraq did as well.

Would releasing the FULL Congressional Joint Intelligence Committee's report on 911 in December 2002 have undermined the lies Bush was telling about Iraq? Surely it would have. We can understand Bush's motives. But why after nearly 8 years has Obama refuse to release these 28 pages?

We know that even before Obama took office he signaled he'd not investigate possible war crimes and illegal spying domestic activities by Bush.

Is Obama protecting the Saudi's or his decision not to prosecute members of the Bush administration? Is he protecting the illusion that those 4000 and possibly a half million Iraqi civilians died for nothing?

Like with Obama's refusal to go after Wall Street thieves and sociopaths... we may never know.